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Oil color

Oil colors are painting materials formulated through dissolving and blending pigments by using each manufacturer’s own, unique oils. Oil colors are basically glossy by nature, difficult to make and use, while working in oil colors takes longer to dry than any other media. Oil colors are used mainly by professionals or experts due to the distinctive chemical odor but are superior in terms of color brilliance and permanence.
We are one of the two companies in Korea that have oil-color manufacturing technologies. Currently, we export our products to six countries on the globe. China was re-entered our export list recently. We used to trade our products in China around 10 years ago but then banned our exports to the Chinese market for the sake of our company image after we found fake replicas of our products in the country. And this year, in 2015, we resumed exporting to China through an exclusive agent.

Artists’ Special Oil Color 20/50ml tube, 7sets, 114 colors

Artists’ Great Oils 180ml tube, 72 colorss

Studio Oil Color 1L quarter, 22 colors

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