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Acrylic color

Acrylic colors are formulated by dissolving and blending pigment using acrylic resin.
Acrylic colors are matte by nature and are used widely as highly popular painting materials which enable painting work in almost the same manner as in oil painting.
Due to its fast-drying characteristics as well as excellent color brilliance, acrylic paint is used as a new painting genre that goes beyond a mere replacement of oil painting. One of its merits is that it costs less compared with oil paint and that it can be applied on just about anything that you can imagine (on canvas, on paper, on walls, on fabric, on metal, on glass, on wood, on crafts, etc.).
We are exporting our acrylic colors to six countries on the globe. We also make private brands for Japan with our supply volume there reaching one million units annually. Six colors were added to our color ranges for exports to Japan in the year 2015.


Our acrylic product category made with the highest-quality pigments to be used for fine arts painting and for some of the high-quality craftworks. (20ml, 50ml, 70 colors)


Special large / 120ml , 70 colors


Our medium-class acrylic product category used most extensively for fine arts painting and craftworks. (250ml, 500ml, 1l, 2l, 4l, 48 colors)


Our acrylic product category for beginners and students.(250ml, 7.5ml/1set, 70 colors)

Textile Paints (37ml, 7 sets, 50 colors)


Deco Stone (60ml, 300ml, 24 colors)

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